Join Our Team

Earns on every sale and every agent referral. Share the revenue. The more you help us grow, the more you earn.

Pay a small percentage and keep the rest of the commission. No desk or monthly fees

You will always have someone to answer questions, both in-person, online, and on call.

We provide local training, webinars, video on demand, as well as mentoring for new agents.

We provide our agents health insurance through Kaiser and Anthem.  Our Anthem plans are PPO and HMO.

We give generously and deeply 1% from company revenues and through our agents who step up and contribute when the time of emergency need or family hardship arises.


Are there any monthly, annual, or start-up fees ?

NO monthly. One time signup or startup fee is $99.00; the annual fee is $499 to be deducted from your transaction commission.

Are there any required meetings ?

NO, there are no required meetings.

Are there any sales minimums ?

NO, there are no sales minimums.

Does my current broker need to release my real estate license before transferring ?


Can I get broker support ?

Yes. You will have complete access to your broker, seven days a week. We play an active role in our agents success and encourage our agents to contact us with questions, big or small. Not only do you have access to the broker any time you need, we also have a agent services department in place to ensure we always have someone to answer your questions so you do not have to wait for an answer.​

Can I use my own Transaction Coordinator ?

YES, you may use any Transaction Coordinator you like.

Is Sunet a member of CAR (California Association of Realtors), TAR (Texas Association of Realtors) & NAR (National Association of Realtors) ?

YES, we are members of both CAR & TAR

Do I need to join TAR, CAR & NAR ?

Only if you are going to be active.

Do I need to join a local real estate board ?

YES if you are actively practicing. NO. If you are going to be inactive and do referrals only, you are not required to join a local board.

Do I need to be a member the MLS ?

If you want access to listings and list properties on the MLS then your local MLS will require you to join.

Can I do commercial transactions ?

YES, we allow our agents to conduct commercial transactions as well.

Can I use my own DBA name with CURB ?

YES. We allow you to use a DBA with your business. Please call for details.

How do I get paid ?

When using CURB’s in house escrow service, you get paid directly to your bank account the same day your transaction closes.

Can I just hang my license with you and do referrals only ?

YES. Sunet offers our members our exclusive License Parking program.

Can new agents join ?

YES, new agents are welcome.

Do you offer a Recruiting Bonus program ?

YES. Receive $200 for every agent you invite to join Sunet.  Just invite 5 agents a year to join puts a cool $1,000 in your pocket just for helping them keep their money! ..Not a bad gig !

Is there any agent training available ?

YES. We offer direct one-on-one training with our agents covering all aspects of your real estate business; Marketing, Open Houses, Contracts, Social Media, Websites, SEO, ..and more !  All at no cost to Sunet members.

Can I list properties for less than 6% ?

YES, you can charge any commission rate you like.

Can I do transactions anywhere in Texas or California ?

YES, our brokerage is available to any licensed real estate agent anywhere in California or Texas

I'm in the middle of a transaction, can I transfer it ?

YES, just have your current broker & seller sign a Listing Transfer.  Contact your local MLS / Board for a  “Listing Transfer Form”.

Can I set up a team under me with commission splits?

Yes. We offer the flexibility to establish your own team.

Where do I get yard signs with the Sunet logo?

We provide our agents with the ability to download our sign templates from our online knowledge base to provide to any sign company of your choice. There are also several local and online sign companies who keep our sign designs on file.

Job ad for Sunet company website

Sunet Group, LLC seeks qualified candidates to fulfill one full-time position as an Operational Analytics Associate in Plano, Texas to perform the following job duties:

  1. Serving as the Company’s internal resource to understand and optimize the Company’s organizational needs as a real estate management and investment company by using statistical analysis, predictive & data modeling simulations, and/or other methods that analyze and develop practical solutions;
  1. Identifying underlying organizational deficiencies by gathering relevant business process information from the Company’s staff workers and management team and collecting feedback from existing and past clients;
  1. Reviewing and analyzing existing or proposed projects, policies, procedures, and management activities and advising management of their impact on process efficiency;
  1. Creating financial models to evaluate potential real estate development and investment opportunities in new geographic markets as well as assessing business exit strategies;
  1. Performing ad-hoc analyses and conducting market research on property values and rental pricing to recommend  optimal operational and property management decisions;
  1. Assisting the Company Director in formulating and implementing new organizational policies as well as devising investment budgets; and
  1. Developing and maintaining data models, reporting systems, data automation systems, and performance metrics to  measure and report on the effectiveness of newly implemented organizational procedures.

This position requires:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Operations Research or Business Analytics
  • A minimum of three years of prior job experience as a business analyst performing duties involving predictive modeling and data mining modeling
  • Proficiency in Tableau, R, and Advanced Excel and Access earned through coursework or job  experience Fluency in the speaking, reading, and writing of Mandarin Chinese

Please send resumes to:

Attn: HR Dept

Sunet Group, LLC

5048 Tennyson Pkwy, Suite 250

Plano, TX 75024