About us

Mission Statement:  “To maximize our clients’ benefits and help our agents to become financially independent, to become leading real estate brokerage in U.S.”

WHO IS SUNET REALTY?  Sunet Realty represents the future of the real estate brokerage. 

Sunet is an agent owned,  technology-driven, full-service real estate brokerage providing our agents with the industry’s attractive commission splits … all without compromising on providing the effective training and the highest level of support our agents deserve.

We’re also excited to announce our revenue sharing plan for agents who want to build even more passive income.


App-based brokerage services

Website with listing search

Paperless transaction management

Collaborative online community

The law firm of LEGAL COUNSEL: Ross & Matthews LLP is a full-service law firm providing legal service, advice and representation in many areas of the law and has received an “AV” rating by Martindale-Hubbell. The firm has over 40 attorneys.


Our Sunet Family Fund was designed to give back to our agents in need as well as to those in our local communities. We give generously and deeply from company profits and through our agents who step up and contribute when the time of need arises.


Sunet agents can benefit greatly through our Sunet Health Group. The plans offered save our agents thousands each year while providing free access to Kaiser and Anthem.  Our Anthem plans are PPO and HMO as well as additional benefits such as income protection.